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I drink every week, sometimes I have a drink at night to go to sleep, when I start drinking, I can’t stop, people around me tell me that I can’t control myself when I drink because I get aggressive…. I have started to drink daily, and I have already fallen several times, but I don’t remember. I hide the alcohol in my room and drink it without anyone seeing me. When I stop drinking, my hands shake, I get irritable and the only way to get rid of it is by having another drink.


Alcoholism, characterized by harmful alcohol consumption, is a global issue of immense magnitude; it has diverse manifestations and multiple repercussions. It affects the physical and mental health of millions of people in the world, and its consequences extend to areas as varied as interpersonal relationships, family and children’s well-being, citizen safety, occupational performance, productivity, mobility, justice and social development in general.

The concept of harmful alcohol consumption encompasses various aspects, including excessive or immoderate alcohol consumption among the adult population, alcohol dependence (or alcoholism), underage drinking and vulnerable groups (e.g., pregnant or nursing women, mentally ill or mentally disturbed individuals). Furthermore, it encompasses consumption in inappropriate contexts, and patterns of risky or harmful consumption that compromise not only the safety of drinkers but also that of others.



The treatment begins with an initial assessment by our therapeutic team so that once the patient is assessed, a personalized strategy can be developed tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.


Through various occupational therapies, combined with psychotherapy and comprehensive family support, we facilitate a holistic approach that allows the patient to embark on a process focused on fostering recovery or stabilization. This is done within the comfort of our spacious facility and a therapeutic team with extensive experience.


We provide a pharmaceutical service where patients receive dedicated supervision from our pharmaceutical chemist and specialists, who ensure not only the availability of medications for psychiatric pathologies but also for their underlying pathologies.

In Hospital Treatment or Outpatient Care

While hospitalization is one option we provide, we also extend support through outpatient services. With the flexibility of starting with an outpatient process, individuals can receive initial care while assessing the necessity for a hospital-based treatment.

We are a comprehensive and multidisciplinary team that provides an uncommon experience in mental health treatment.

We are dedicated to facilitating a successful reintegration process, empowering individuals to construct the fulfilling lives they aspire to lead.

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