Pinares Clinic, a wholesome experience
Total discretion and the highest standards
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A Unique Place Dedicated to the Provision of Mental Health Care

Clínica Pinares Mind & Health is a new concept of care, which offers its guests and their families specialized attention, beauty, elegance and comfort in one place, merging the best of a clinic and a hotel.

Pinares Mind & Health.

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Comfort, privacy, specialized care, and design merged in one place. We are Pinares Mind & Health. Total discretion and the highest standards.

    Our Specialists

    Somos una organización de personas que trabajan en equipo, con esmero cada día, para mejorar la salud mental y el bienestar de nuestros pacientes.

    Oscar Andrés Correa Rico

    Psychiatry Specialist

    Juan Esteban Arcila

    Psychiatry Specialist

    María Isabel López Correa

    Psychologist specializing in Systemic Family Therapy

    Carolina Echeverri Tamayo

    Deputy manager of assistance services



    I am frequently overwhelmed by an unexplained urge to cry, I don't want to get out of bed, I don't want to take a shower or even eat. I am unsure of what I’m currently facing…

    Anxiety Disorders

    I feel anxious, causing my heart to race uncontrollably, my breath feels constricted, making it difficult to draw in air, my hands cramp up and sometimes they twist... a sense of desperation consumes me


    I see people who are not there, I hear voices telling me what to do... I smell a scent of death, I feel that everything is against me.


    I drink every week, sometimes I have a drink at night to go to sleep, when I start drinking I can't stop, people around me tell me that I can't control myself when I drink because I get aggressive....

    Personality Disorders

    You are afraid of being alone, you always have conflictive relationships, impulsive behaviors, a persistent dissatisfaction with your self-image, and constantly shift your sense of identity

    Bipolar Affective Disorder

    I don't feel like sleeping, I feel like I've never been more productive, with all the money I have I can buy whatever I want...

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    We have an excellent interdisciplinary team to provide you with a wholesome experience.

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