What It Feels Like…

You struggle to recall information, say you have done things that you really haven’t, and exhibit a tendency to retell the same story repeatedly, unaware that you already did so. You state that people are stealing your money, you don’t remember where you leave things, and become aggressive when things are not done as you request.


Even though currently referred to as “Major Neurocognitive Disorders” and “Mild Cognitive Disorder”, the term “dementia” continues to be commonly used in various health contexts and referenced in consulted scientific literature.

Among the dementia types extensively discussed, Alzheimer’s disease (AD) stands out, often associated with SCC (Caregiver Fatigue Syndrome). As stated by Donoso, it ranks as the primary cause of dementia in adults, excluding the Japanese population, where vascular dementia predominates. It’s a complex condition with varying pathogenesis, occasionally having hereditary factors.

Clinically, it manifests as an insidious and gradually progressive dementia, typically characterized by initial memory impairments that ultimately lead to complete dependence and confinement to bed. (Donoso, 2003, p. 13).



The treatment begins with an initial assessment by our therapeutic team so that once the patient is assessed, a personalized strategy can be developed tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.


Through various occupational therapies, combined with psychotherapy and comprehensive family support, we facilitate a holistic approach that allows the patient to embark on a process focused on fostering recovery or stabilization. This is done within the comfort of our spacious facility and a therapeutic team with extensive experience.


We provide a pharmaceutical service where patients receive dedicated supervision from our pharmaceutical chemist and specialists, who ensure not only the availability of medications for psychiatric pathologies but also for their underlying pathologies.

In Hospital Treatment or Outpatient Care

While hospitalization is one option we provide, we also extend support through outpatient services. With the flexibility of starting with an outpatient process, individuals can receive initial care while assessing the necessity for a hospital-based treatment.

We are a comprehensive and multidisciplinary team that provides an uncommon experience in mental health treatment.

We are dedicated to facilitating a successful reintegration process, empowering individuals to construct the fulfilling lives they aspire to lead.

Our Treatments

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