Bipolar Affective Disorder

Trastorno afectivo bipolar

What It Feels Like…

I don’t feel like sleeping, I feel like I’ve never been more productive, with all the money I have I can buy whatever I want. However, there are moments when I am not able to get out of bed, when I feel like I can’t cope with my life anymore. This has led me to believe I am bipolar, as others have suggested.


Affecting approximately 60 million individuals globally, bipolar affective disorder is characterized by a cyclical pattern of manic and depressive episodes, separated by periods of normal mood. During manic episodes, patients may display heightened mood, irritability, increased energy levels, excessive talkativeness, elevated self-esteem, and reduced need for sleep. Mood-stabilizing medications are available to effectively manage the acute phases of bipolar disorder and prevent relapses. In addition, psychosocial support is an essential element of treatment. (WHO, 2018, para. 7-8).



The treatment begins with an initial assessment by our therapeutic team so that once the patient is assessed, a personalized strategy can be developed tailored to their individual needs and circumstances.


Through various occupational therapies, combined with psychotherapy and comprehensive family support, we facilitate a holistic approach that allows the patient to embark on a process focused on fostering recovery or stabilization. This is done within the comfort of our spacious facility and a therapeutic team with extensive experience.


We provide a pharmaceutical service where patients receive dedicated supervision from our pharmaceutical chemist and specialists, who ensure not only the availability of medications for psychiatric pathologies but also for their underlying pathologies.

In Hospital Treatment or Outpatient Care

While hospitalization is one option we provide, we also extend support through outpatient services. With the flexibility of starting with an outpatient process, individuals can receive initial care while assessing the necessity for a hospital-based treatment.

We are a comprehensive and multidisciplinary team that provides an uncommon experience in mental health treatment.

We are dedicated to facilitating a successful reintegration process, empowering individuals to construct the fulfilling lives they aspire to lead.

Our Treatments

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