Psychiatric Hospitalization

We focus on the treatment and comprehensive care of the patients with pathologies such as: affective disorders, psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, dementia, substance abuse and addiction.

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  • General Medical Rating: Assessment of income and daily assessment of general health status and associated pathologies.
  • Nursing Care: Accompaniment highly personalized, close, warm and affectionate 24 hours a day.
  • Accompaniment and Pharmaceutical Advising: Our pharmaceutical chemistry advises and accompanies the pharmacological treatment process during hospitalization and discharge (interpretation of medical orders, search for interactions, reactions and contraindications).
  • Clinical Laboratory: As part of the diagnostic support and supervision of pharmacotherapy
  • Nutritional Valuation: Our nutritionist will determine the nutritional status of the patient, inquire for their preferences and coordinate with our kitchen staff the daily offer of dishes à la carte.
  • Interdisciplinary team: Our staff consists of: - Toxicology - Family medicine - Clinical psychology - Neuropsychology - Nutrition and dietetics - Physiotherapy - Occupational therapy - Social work


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