Nine advices that will help you have a better mental health

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1 August, 2017
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Nine advices that will help you have a better mental health

Since 2014, the World Health Organization defines mental health as “a wellness state of being in which a person is aware of its own capabilities, is able to face life normal stress, can work in a productive and fructiferous way and is able to contribute to its own community”

Mental health depends on certain factors, such as social relationships and feeling good about yourself; that is why, each person must search for a balance between body, spirit and mind that will guarantee an integral health. If you manage to apply these nine advices, you will be able to have a healthier life.

  1. Sleep well. Sleeping is important for the regulation of the majority of mental and organic processes, therefore you must sleep well. Sleeping time is personal and depends on multiple factors, but the general recommendation is to sleep more than five hours.
  2. Make some exercise. Exercising at least four times a week helps releasing endorphins and serotonin, hormones related with a wellness sensation; it also helps to distract from any worries and pain.
  3. Through this technique, your brain learns and trains to face stress situations; besides it is a relaxation strategy that allows focusing yourself right on the present time.
  4. Take care of your nutrition. Try to eat fruits, vegetables and fiber rich foods the most of the time. Reduce the amount of sugar and fatty foods; besides, drink about six to eight glasses of water per day.
  5. Organize your time. Learn how to prioritize, and wright everything on a diary. It is also recommended that between activities, you should use some time to rest, this will help you reduce stress.
  6. Set yourself goals. Setting some goals to short, median and long term contributes giving meaning and structure to your life.
  7. Take care of your personal relationships. Taking care of friendships and family provides a wellness sensation; feeling the support is helpful on psychologic disorders and fighting anxiety.
  8. Control your emotions. It´s important to express your feelings to others. You must learn how to canalize positive thoughts and control the negative ones.
  9. Be positive. Adopt a constructive attitude, in which you accept yourself and others.

These recommendations will contribute your life on how to have a more stable mental health. If the situation is not manageable, it´s important to consult the specialist.

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