Benefits of art practicing for your mental health

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1 September, 2017
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Benefits of art practicing for your mental health

Art is universal and any person is free to explore it. Practicing art in any modality has physical and mental benefits; besides, it is recommended for people with stressful jobs, any mental disease, cognitive disabilities or brain injury sequels.

It has been proven that by practicing art, patients who suffer from mental diseases such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, posttraumatic stress disorder and Alzheimer, improve their mental condition.

¿What benefits does it has?

  1. It helps release stress: making active pauses for practicing art on critical moments is really helpful. Activities such as painting, sculpting, drawing or taking pictures help to think clearly and obtaining calm.
  2. Stimulates creative thoughts: art improves the abilities to resolve problems and making decisions.
  3. Improves your self-esteem: it favors the secretion of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that generates a pleasure and wellness sensation; it also helps motivation and concentration; dopamine also generates a feeling of reward and achievement.
  4. Art improves brain plasticity: this term refers to the ability to create and modify the connections between neurons, this improves the memory and the adaptive capacity of people.
  5. It helps children have a better school performance: using a musical instrument or art classes stimulates learning, language development and mathematical reasoning.
  6. It helps patients with dementia: art improves cognitive performance and helps controlling symptoms such as anxiety, depression and aggressiveness.


Here at Pinares Mind and Health we know the importance of these benefits for our patients, that´s why during their stay in our clinic they are accompanied with the art therapist. The results are visible and significant.

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