7 activities that help prevent depression

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12 April, 2017
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12 April, 2017

7 activities that help prevent depression

Within the many mental illnesses, depression is the most common one. Stress built up due to pollution, traffic and the different problems that overwhelm us today, make this disease the second cause of disability in the world.

There are several activities to prevent depression and have more peaceful life.


“Healthy body, healthy mind” is a well-known phrase and at the same time real, this is because when we exercise we release a substance in the brain called Serotonin which gives us a feeling of calm and helps us to have a better sleep. In addition, feeling healthy increases self-esteem significantly.

2.Eat healthy

When our body ingests necessary nutrients it feels lighter and more energetic, that is why a good diet helps us to be lucid and to face life situations in a more calm and clear way.

3.Travel more

This doesn’t means having to leave the country or go to another city for long periods of time, travelling  is the simple fact of getting out of the daily, going to the outskirts of the city to spend a day reduces stress and connects us with nature, leaving aside the concerns we carry in our daily lives.

4.Have a pet

Animals become part of the family and manage to create a bond that many times, not even with other human beings we can get to experience. They are a company that fills us with joy and the best of all is that they will never betray our trust.

5.Hanging out with friends or with your partner

Going to dance, eating in a good restaurant or just enjoying a good conversation are some of the greatest pleasures of life. This is why doing this kind of activities fill us with tranquility and distract us from worries.

 6.Have a hobby

A hobby is a love for some activity that dcauses a feeling of pleasure in our minds. Having one and practicing it, allows us to be aligned with what we like and helps us to make those daily activities more bearable.

7.Time Management

One of the biggest causes of stress is overwork, which is why organizing time well reduces the possibility of depression, and allows us to develop many other activities as mentioned above.

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